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Maritime activity centres on the 2 main Maltese ports, Valletta and Marsaxlokk. Both are capable of providing a comprehensive package of maritime services including towage, salvage, pilotage, victualling and provisions of all kinds of stores and supplies.  At the centre of countless shipping routes, these ports provide a wide variety of professional shipping services of value to major commercial entities. 


The Grand Harbour of Valletta is one of  Malta’s main port, and one of the most spectacular natural deep water harbours in the Mediterranean.  This port, girdled as it is by an uninterrupted line of historic fortifications of massive proportions, is becoming an increasingly popular port for cruise passengers and the related growth in the cruise industry.   Apart from acting as a safe and secure heaven for seafaring vessels of all types and sizes, the Grand Harbour also offers a comprehensive service covering practically all maritime requirements; a service that reflects the knowledge, commitment and attention that the Maltese maritime community is today well renowned for. 


The other main Port,  Marsaxlokk, a Freeport, consists of the container terminal and industrial storage facilities which are operated by the Malta Freeport Terminals.  It also houses the storage facilities of oil products terminal operated by Oiltanking Malta Limited.  

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